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Undergraduate Research

Research in the Department of Biology is done using the most advanced tools, at all levels or biology, and on a broad range of organisms including microbes, fungi, plants, and animals. The Department has a proud history of providing research opportunities for undergraduate students. Students can begin working on research projects with faculty mentors as early as their first year. Research can provide valuable hands-on experience and skills that will help you succeed in your future career or education. Be proactive in your effort to secure a research position. There are many resources available to students interested in becoming involved in research at USU.

Present your research at the upcoming virtual symposium, December 1-3, 2020.

Facts and Figures

In 2019, 113 current biology majors reported being involved in undergraduate research, about 11% of all biology students. 
  • The average GPA of undergraduate researchers was 3.62, compared to an overall 3.30 average
  • 41% of undergraduate researchers were women, which means that the 41% of biology majors that are women are well represented in undergraduate research 
  • 67% of undergraduate researchers were seniors
    • 19% were juniors
    • 11% were sophomores
    • 3% were freshmen
  • Over 70% of undergraduate researchers did not do research for class credit
  • On average, half of the undergraduate researchers were in paid positions

The Undergraduate Research Scholar Transcript Designation is given to more fully recognize the accomplishments of USU's undergraduate researchers, as such accomplishments often occur outside of the classroom and thus outside of regular credit-earning activity. Please have all the information 1-2 months before graduation. Please contact the Office of Research and Graduate Studies for more information