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USU Biology Faculty Research Interests

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Nancy Kay Pierson

Nancy Kay Pierson

Phone: (435) 797-3203


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Dr. Diane Alston

Diane Alston

Research Interests

Integrated Pest Management, Insect Ecology, Plant-Insect Interactions

Dr. Michelle Baker

Michelle Baker

Research Interests

Aquatic ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, water quality, and hydrology

Dr. Noelle Beckman

Noelle Beckman

Research Interests

Theoretical Ecology, Spatial Ecology, Community Ecology, Seed Dispersal, Plant-Animal Interactions, Plant-Microbe Interactions

Dr. Scott Bernhardt

Scott Bernhardt

Research Interests

Population Genetics, Vector Competence of Arthropod-Borne Infectious Diseases, Field Collections, Molecular Biology, and Animal Models

Dr. Erin Bobeck

Erin Bobeck

Research Interests

Behavioral neuroscience, Molecular biology, Pain, Opioid, Addiction, G-protein coupled receptors

Dr. Monica Borghi

Monica Borghi

Research Interests

Plant Molecular Physiology, Flower Metabolomics

Dr. Edward (Ted) W. Evans

Edward (Ted) W. Evans

Research Interests

Insect ecology, biological control, ecology of invasions

Dr. Sara Freeman

Sara Freeman

Research Interests

Social Behavior, Autism, Attachment, Neuroscience, Receptor Pharmacology, Oxytocin, Vasopressin, Hormones, Comparative Neuroanatomy, Animal Models of Psychiatric Disease, Nonhuman Primates

Dr. Susannah French

Susannah French

Research Interests

Physiological Ecology, Life History Trade-Offs, Immunity, Conservation

Dr. Shana Geffeney

Shana Geffeney

Research Interests

Tetrodotoxin Resistance, Evolution

Dr. Zach Gompert

Zach Gompert

Research Interests

Hybridization, Speciation, Genetics of Adaptation, Genetic Variation in the Wild, Statistical Models and Computational Biology

Dr. Charles Hanifin

Charles Hanifin

Research Interests

Evolutionary genetics, Toxins, Evolutionary ecology

Dr. Nancy Huntly

Nancy Huntly

Research Interests

Human Ecology; Community Ecology; Biodiversity; Climate Adaptation; Foodwebs; Herbivory; Arid Places

Dr. Justin A. Jones

Justin A. Jones

Research Interests

Prion Proteins, Spider Silk Research

Dr. Karen Kapheim

Karen Kapheim

Research Interests

Social Evolution, Bees, Evolutionary Genomics, Phenotypic Plasticity

Dr. Frank J. Messina

Frank J. Messina

Research Interests

Insect behavior and evolution, insect/plant interactions

Dr. Claudia Nischwitz

Claudia Nischwitz

Research Interests

Plant Pathology

Dr. James P. Pitts

James P. Pitts

Research Interests

Systematics of Mutillidae w/ emphasis on the nocturnal Southwestern Nearctic genera, Systematics and Biogeography of Nocturnal Genera Odontophotopsis and Sphaeropthalma

Dr. Gregory J. Podgorski

Gregory J. Podgorski

Research Interests

Biology Pedagogy

Dr. Ricardo Ramirez

Ricardo Ramirez

Research Interests

Agro-Ecology; Integrated Pest Management

Dr. Alan H. Savitzky

Alan H. Savitzky

Research Interests

Herpetology; Morphology and Chemical Ecology of Snakes

Dr. Robert Schaeffer

Robert Schaeffer

Research Interests

Cross-Kingdom Interactions Between Plants, Insects, and Microbes

Dr. Lori Spears

Lori Spears

Research Interests

Invasive species; Insect ecology; Integrated pest management

Dr. John M. Stark

John M. Stark

Research Interests

Biogeochemistry, Soil Microbiology and Microbial Ecology

Dr. Kimberly A. Sullivan

Kimberly A. Sullivan

Research Interests

Behavioral and Population Ecology of Birds, Avian Conservation, Women in Science, Ornithology

Dr. Jon Y. Takemoto

Jon Y. Takemoto

Research Interests

Microbial Natural Products, Antimicrobials, Heme-Derived Metabolites, Synthetic Biology

Dr. David Wahl

David Wahl

Research Interests

The American Entomological Institute, Hymenoptera

Dr. Becky Williams

Becky Williams

Research Interests

Chemical Ecology, Behavior Ecology, Technology of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Joseph Wilson

Joseph Wilson

Research Interests

Biogeography, Evolution, Ecology, Mimicry, and Conservation of Bees and Wasps

Dr. Carol D. von Dohlen

Carol D. von Dohlen

Research Interests

Evolution and genomics of insect-bacterial symbioses; insect phylogenetics; insect life cycle evolution; historical biogeography