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Dr. Bonnie Waring Receives DOE Grant to Study Soil's Role in Carbon Cycle


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Dr. Bonnie Waring

Dr. Bonnie Waring has received a two-year, $295,967 award to fund her project, “Leveraging synthetic root-soil systems to quantify relationships between plant traits and the formation of soil organic carbon.” 

The award is one of seven projects chosen nationally by competitive peer review for a U.S. Department of Energy Terrestrial Ecological Sciences grant. It is sponsored by the Office of Biological and Environmental Research within the department’s Office of Science.

“Earth’s carbon is stored in three main places: the bodies of plants and animals, the atmosphere and the soil,” says Waring, assistant professor in USU’s Department of Biology and the USU Ecology Center. “And there’s more carbon in soil than the first two combined.”

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