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USU neurobiologist Thayne Sweeten presents 'Vaccine Fears' in Science Unwrapped


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Dr. Thayne Sweeten - Science Unwrapped
Dr. Thayne Sweeten explains 'Vaccine Fears'

At the time of its discovery in 1798, the smallpox vaccine was met with both celebration and worry - much like the COVID-19 vaccine today. In this edition of the Science Unwrapped outreach program, Dr. Thayne Sweeten presents “Vaccine Fears: Fact and Fiction” Friday, Jan. 22, at 7 p.m. MST via Zoom.

All ages are welcome to tune in to the webinar on Science Unwrapped’s website. The online event also features a question-and-answer session following the talk, along with links to video learning activities.

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