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The Adventures of Donald W. Roberts: International Insect Pathologist


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Dr. Don Roberts
Dr. Donald W. Roberts

Dr. Donald W. Roberts was an excellent example and role model for scientists from any field. He was a hardworking scientist who achieved great heights in the field of entomology, specifically in insect pathology and biological control, through dedica-tion, perseverance, kindness, and a sense of humor. His mission was to increase knowledge about insect pathogens and encourage their use to control insect vectors and pests throughout the world. He traveled to 64 countries to collect fungal patho-gens, give presentations, and consult, especially in the developing world. He also had major international research projects in Brazil and the Philippines. Don’s knack for successfully finding grant money enabled him to fund basic and applied research in his laboratories at Boyce Thompson Institute and Utah State University. He hired and mentored many excellent researchers, who went on to become leaders in the field. Don took excellent care of his staff on a professional and personal level, but he also provided them the freedom to explore their hypotheses and learn how to do science for themselves. A talented storyteller, Don used his own adventures as parables to teach others about both science and life. These stories are the core of this biography that relates his adventures in life, international travel, and science.

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