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USU Eastern students get a real-world research alternative with the Tiny Earth program


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Hatch Tiny Earth Story
USU Eastern Students participating in the Tiny Earth program

Dr. Wayne Hatch, associate professor of biology, began teaching at USUE in 2012 and learned about Tiny Earth in 2015. He applied for training immediately and was teaching the program by spring 2016. 

Tiny Earth is a world-wide, student-sourced research program. Its research addresses the issue of antibiotic resistance with the goal of discovering naturally occurring microbes that produce anti-microbial chemicals from soil in students’ backyards. 

At the end of the project, students submit their findings to a Tiny Earth database and can send their isolates to a central hub at program headquarters at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Ultimately, Tiny Earth hopes a pharmaceutical company will take the samples and create new varieties of antibiotics.

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