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PhD student Mallory Hagadorn receives GRCO grant


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Mal Hagadorn 2020 GRCO recipient
USU GRCO Recipients

USU Biology graduate student Mallory Hagadorn was one of 12 USU graduate students selected to receive a Graduate Research and Creative Opportunities (GRCO) grant.

Hagadorn is a fifth-year doctoral student in the Department of Biology. Her research emphasis is on brood care in bees.

“My dissertation asks, ‘How does sociality influence neuroplasticity and drive patterns in brain investment?’” says Hagadorn, who conducts research with faculty mentor Karen Kapheim. “Currently, I’m working to characterize the bees’ ‘maternal brain’—a brain primed for taking care of offspring—by tracking structure-specific volumetric changes and neuromolecular circuitry associated with brood care behaviors in bumble bees.”

GRCO grants provide a $1,000 grant to support original research, scholarship or creative work by USU graduate students with the guidance of a faculty member. Proposals include requests for funds to cover the costs of equipment, supplies and project-related travel.

She says her GRCO funding will facilitate an experiment that aims to localize and quantify neurotransmitter-expressing neurons in the brains of queen and worker bumble bees that have taken care of brood and compare them with those that have not.

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