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Morgan Christman Receives ZoBell Scholarship


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Morgan Christman
Morgan in the field

Morgan is a fifth year Ecology PhD Candidate in the Biology Department and National Science Foundation Trainee within the Climate Adaptation Science Program. At USU she is involved with the Entomology Club, Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science, and Biology Grad Student Association. 

Her current research evaluates the impact of anthropogenic disturbances on bumble bee diversity, colony growth, and development both on a state and national scale. The goal is to produce research that both informs and helps promote positive conservation and management practices by integrating ecology, geospatial modeling, and machine learning. Specifically, she's designing, developing, and implementing projects: 1) linking differences in bumble bee diversity to shifts in land cover and climate; 2) identifying differences in the heat tolerance between commercialized and wild bumble bee species; 3) documenting differences in bumble bees collected as bycatch throughout the U.S.; and 4) measuring the impact of bycatch on bumble bee colony growth and development. 

Outside of graduate school, she spends time at the boxing gym training and coaching, as well as hiking and going to the dog park with her pup, Carlton.