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Undergrad Biologist Finds Her Passion Studying Lizards


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USU Biology undergrad Audrey Lidgard
USU Biology undergrad Audrey Lidgard is passionate about studying lizards.

When Undergraduate Research Fellow Audrey Lidgard entered Utah State University, she envisioned a career as a large animal veterinarian. After a few semesters at USU, the Salt Lake City native turned her attention to research and much smaller animals: lizards, to be exact.

“I fell in love with Utah State and with research,” says the 2017 graduate of Utah’s Skyline High School and recipient of a USU Presidential Scholarship, who is majoring in molecular and cellular biology. “Pursuing a question and being able to explore it. That’s where I thrive.”

With guidance from faculty mentor Susannah French, associate professor in USU’s Department of Biology and the USU Ecology Center and doctoral student Spencer Hudson, Lidgard is examining how the lizards, which measure between two and four inches in length, react to changes in temperature.

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