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ITP Releases Exotic Bee Identification Guide

Skyler Burrows, Morgan Christman, Lori Spears, Allan Smith-Pardo, Steven Price, Ricardo Ramirez, Terry Griswold, and Amanda Redford


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USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s Identification Technology Program (ITP) is pleased to announce the release of Exotic Bee ID. This tool focuses on bee families and genera that include non-native bee species that have already been introduced, or have the high potential to invade, the U.S. Exotic Bee ID is aimed primarily at individuals working at ports of entry, state departments of agriculture, with university extension services, and non-experts with an interest in learning features that are important in the identification of native and non-native bees. The website includes fact sheets, illustrated interactive keys, a filterable image gallery, a specimen preparation guide, and much more.

Please find the attached PDF announcement to see an overview of ITP’s newest identification tool for PPQ and its partners. Please also feel free to forward this email or the attachment to your colleagues.

Exotic Bee ID can be accessed at: