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USU Department of Biology – 2020-2021 Seminar Series

  • When: Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 PM
  • Where: Online via Zoom; see email announcement for link
  • Access: A Zoom link will be included in each weekly seminar announcement. Seminars will also be recorded for future potential viewing. These will be stored on Canvas for enrolled undergraduate and graduate students (BIOL4750/6800). Faculty and Staff can request access to recordings by contacting Robert Schaeffer. Meeting with Speakers: Availability will vary from speaker to speaker. We are currently working with them to assess their schedules, and e-mails will be forthcoming to members of our department to schedule individual/group meeting times with each.

Jan 19

Macroevolution of Australian frogs: Past, present, and future

Dr. Marta Vidal-García (she/her/hers) – University of Calgary

Jan 26

The Map of Biodiversity Importance: Using machine learning and collaborative science to conserve imperiled species

Dr. Healy Hamilton (she/her/hers) – NatureServe

Feb 2

Science policy and career opportunities

Dr. Barbara Martinez (she/her/hers) – Conservation X Labs

Feb 9

Biodiversity under environmental change in large-scale and long-term studies

Dr. Julian Resasco (he/him/his) – University of Colorado Boulder

Feb 16

Beyond the walls: Applied research at public zoos and aquariums

Dr. Charles Knapp (he/him/his) – Shedd Aquarium

Mar 2

Tree mortality and tipping points in the forest carbon cycle

Dr. Benjamin Bond-Lamberty (he/him/his) – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Mar 9

Predicting pesticide fate with the Pesticide Dissipation from Agricultural Land (PeDAL) model

Dr. Kimberly Hageman (she/her/hers) – Utah State University

Mar 16

Using models to learn things and solve problems: Tales from academic and non-academic settings

Dr. Andrew Tredennick (he/him/his) – Western EcoSystems Tech

Mar 23

Quantifying structure and variation in complex phylogenetic data

Dr. Genevieve Mount (any/all) – Utah State University

Mar 30

Drought stress disrupts the plant-pollinator relationship in buckwheat, a short season and cover crop

Dr. Caitlin Rering (she/her/hers) – USDA-ARS

Apr 6

Mutualism: What have we learned, and where do we go from here?

Dr. Judith Bronstein (she/her/hers) – University of Arizona

Apr 13

Tradeoffs and the maintenance of genetic diversity in plant-pathogen interactions

Dr. Talia Karasov (she/her/hers) – University of Utah

Apr 27

Spatiotemporal variation in animal behavior, species interactions, and their impacts on seed dispersal potential in a novel ecosystem

Dr. Rebecca Wilcox (she/her/hers) – University of Wyoming