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USU Department of Biology – 2020-2021 Seminar Series

  • When: Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 PM
  • Where: Online via Zoom
  • Access: A Zoom link will be included in each weekly seminar announcement. Seminars will also be recorded for future potential viewing. These will be stored on Canvas for enrolled undergraduate and graduate students (BIOL4750/6800). Faculty and Staff can request access to recordings by contacting Robert Schaeffer. Meeting with Speakers: Availability will vary from speaker to speaker. We are currently working with them to assess their schedules, and e-mails will be forthcoming to members of our department to schedule individual/group meeting times with each.

Sep 1

Examining the impact of neuroimmune dysregulation on social behavior in male and female juvenile rats

Dr. Lexi Turano - Utah State University

Sep 8

Navigating a career path in conservation or with an environmental NGO

Dr. Dawn O'Neal - The Nature Conservancy

Sep 15

Protein-based biomaterials: Production, characterization, and material formation

Dr. Justin Jones - Utah State University

Sep 22

Genetic diversity in natural populations

Dr. Norah Saarman - Utah State University

Sep 29

Tired of COVID-19? How does public health teaching and research fit into a biology department?

Dr. Scott Bernhardt - Utah State University

Oct 6

Pctional and hydrodynamic constraints on offspring size in fishes

Dr. Terry Dial - Utah State University - Moab

Oct 13

Untangling drivers of variation in plant-pollinator diversity

Dr. Laura Burkle - Montana State University

Oct 20

Brain-behavior evolution in dogs and foxes

Dr. Erin Hecht - Harvard University

Oct 27

The USA National Phenology Network: Data, tools, and resources to support science, management, and outreach

Dr. Theresa Crimmins - National Phenology Network

Nov 3


Jessica Murray / Valerie Martin - Utah State University

Nov 10

Neuroscience of pain and addiction

Dr. Todd Hillhouse - University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Nov 17

Vespa mandarinia – the exotic hornet that murdered our 2020 field season

Dr. Chris Looney - Washington State Department of Agriculture

Nov 24

Proximate and ultimate causes of hatching plasticity

Dr. Karen Warkentin - Boston University