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Career Information

Biology Career Opportunities

Majors offered by the Department of Biology allow students to work in a variety of careers and prepare students for post-graduate education. When trying to choose a career or create a degree plan to meet your objectives, your first step should be to meet with your advisor. An advisor can provide initial guidance and may refer you to someone with greater expertise in your particular area of interest. The biology advising office is located in BNR 101.

What can I do with a BIology Major?
You can do a lot with a biology degree! You can do research, management, teaching and more for government, academic, industry or non-profit organization. There is research exploring every subject to meet any interest. Research is performed by both the public and private sector with jobs including:
        Professor at a college or university
        Environmental scientist
        Forensic scientist
        Research technician
        Research and development for pharmaceutical companies

Graduate School
Completing higher level education within the biological sciences creates opportunities for a more diverse career field, higher salary, and research independence.

Secondary Education
The Biological Science-Composite Teaching major offered by the Department of Biology prepares students for secondary public school education. Students completing the program are eligible for secondary licensure in the state of Utah. Utah has reciprocal agreements with many other states as well.

Animal Veterinary Medicine
The Department of Biology allows students to prepare for animal veterinary school where they can become board certified veterinarians. Working as a veterinarian offers more opportunties, including working in or beginning a private practice, working at a zoo, or research in animal medicine. Veterinary schools, much like medical schools, have their own requirements. Students are encouraged to research this individually. 

Public Health
The Public Health major offers three tracts for students to study, all of which have opportunities within different areas of the public health field. Typically, professions offer careers at both community and industrial workplace levels based around improving occupational and environmental conditions. 

Career Services
Career Services at USU can be a great resource for you. It offers valuable information to students in all fields of study, including career assessment services, and job opportunities. Career Services will help you find and prepare for a career, test prep, help find the right Grad school, and give you tips and tricks to go down the correct path to help you succeed in your future. They can also give you great resources for college of science majors including hiring sites and career options. Donna Crow (University Inn 102; (435)797.3588) is the Career Advisor for Science Majors.

Health Professions
The field of healthcare offers a wide range of career opportunities, including medical doctors, dentistry, podiatry, physical and occupational therapy, genetic counseling, and many more. Yvonne Kobe (TSC 304; (435)797.3373) is the Health Professions Advisor. Yvonne is a wonderful resource who can help you learn more about healthcare opportunities and requirements for professional schools.