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Outcomes Data

Current outcomes data are not based on the October 2016 revision of Biology Major learning objectives and therefore are not presented here. As information from the new generation of assessments becomes available, they will be posted here. Initial use the capstone assessment for seniors graduating will occur in fall 2017 and the longitudinal assessments of students will begin in Biology 1610 and 1615 in fall 2017. This cohort of students and all who come after them will be assessed as they move through the Biology course sequence. This assessment data will be made publicly available and posted here as it is generated.

The situation for the Biology Composite Science Teaching Major is similar to that of the Biology Major: Assessment data for most of the revised learning outcomes will first become available late in fall 2017. Data will be posted to this site from this time and moving forward as it is generated. However, one from of outcomes data is available, performance on the Praxis exam.

Prior to student teaching all teaching majors must meet a State of Utah mandated passing score in the ETS PRAXIS exam in their content area. For the Biological Sciences Composite Teaching majors that exam is 0235 Biology Content Knowledge. Their scores have been a perfect pass rate since 2011.

PRAXIS Biology Content Scores 2011-2015

2011: Attempted 17; Passed 17; Percent passed 100

2012: Attempted 8; Passed 8; Percent passed 100

2013: Attempted 6; Passed 6; Percent passed 100

2014: Attempted 10; Passed 10; Percent passed 100

2015: Attempted 18; Passed 18; Percent passed 100

Significant outcomes data for the Industrial Hygiene Emphasis of the Public Health Major is available, but no outcomes data exits for the newly revised (October 2016) learning outcomes for the Public Health Education and Environmental Health Emphases. The Industrial Hygiene outcomes data can be accessed from the following links:

Student Outcomes Achievement Summary

Achievement of Student Outcomes Scores

Achievement of IH Emphasis Learning Objectives