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Mission Statement

The Department's mission is to discover and advance knowledge in the process and methodology of the biological sciences and to effectively impart that knowledge to biology majors, general education students, and students in other majors whose programs require biology. With evolution as the central, unifying concept in biology, we provide students the conceptual and applied knowledge necessary to address problems at a wide range of levels of biological organization to place them on a trajectory towards becoming responsible global citizens able to make informed decisions about complex issues. We are committed to significantly contributing to the scientific community through high quality research and pedagogical innovation, and to the improvement of society through service to professional organization, the University, community, and region.


Offer comprehensive core research, teaching, and extension programs leading to degrees in Biology.

Foster learning partnerships in classroom and laboratory experiences facilitating growth in knowledge and skills in basic and applied sciences and the development of communication and critical thinking skills.

Provide undergraduates and graduate students significant opportunities to engage in scientific research.

Maintain a comprehensive and accredited public-health program providing pre-professional education in environmental health, industrial hygiene, and public health education.

Offer an undergraduate program that provides crucial knowledge, skills, and coursework, research, and teaching experiences for students preparing to enter a graduate program.

Offer exceptional coursework and training for majors emphasizing a pre-health career education. Facilitate a foundation of education and research opportunities to best prepare USU students entering health professional schools. In partnership with the Career Services Pre-Health Advisor, effectively co-advise Biology majors with a pre-health emphasis.

Provide a rigorous program of graduate training at both the Master's and Doctoral levels. Provide opportunities for graduate students to engage in meaningful research, teaching, professional development, and service endeavors.

Enhance opportunities for faculty scholarship, research, and development. Develop, implement, and maintain a continual process of program review.

Develop strategies on how to best accomplish our goals, develop tools to assess our strengths and weaknesses, and establish departmental procedures and policies to create more informed and efficient decision-making.