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Mission Statement

The Department's mission is to discover and advance knowledge in the biological sciences; to effectively impart that knowledge to USU students and the public; and to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across our communities. We provide students the conceptual and applied knowledge necessary to address a wide range of issues from managing backyard pests; to better understanding organismal functional systems on the molecular, cellular, and whole organism scales; to studying evolutionary responses of organisms in changing environments. As members of communities that grow, develop, and evolve, our educational experiences will produce responsible global citizens, able to make informed, science-based decisions about complex issues. We are committed to contributing to the scientific community through high quality research and pedagogical innovation and to improving society through service and outreach.

Our Goals

  • Offer comprehensive core research, teaching, and extension programs leading to successful degree and certification outcomes.
  • Prepare undergraduate and graduate students for a diversity of career paths in basic and applied science.
  • Foster classroom, research, and teaching experiences that facilitate growth in knowledge, skills, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.
  • Provide a rigorous program of graduate training at both the Master and Doctoral levels. Provide opportunities for graduate students to engage in meaningful research, teaching, professional development, and service endeavors.
  • Regularly establish new and assess existing departmental initiatives, procedures, and policies based on evidence-based practices.
  • Engage, recruit, and retain a diverse community of students, scholars, and staff by fostering an inclusive environment and improving equity within the department, university, and broader communities.
  • Enhance opportunities for faculty, staff, and student scholarship, research, development, and collaboration.