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Carol D. von Dohlen

Carol D. von Dohlen

Professor & Co-Director Graduate Programs | Director, USU Insect Collection - Biology Department
Evolution and genomics of insect-bacterial symbioses; insect phylogenetics; insect life cycle evolution; historical biogeography
Phone: 435-797-2549
Office Location: BNR 237
James P. Pitts

James P. Pitts

Professor & Co-Director Graduate Programs - Biology Department
Phone: 435-797-8872
Office Location: BNR 233
Scott Bernhardt

Scott Bernhardt

Professional Practice Assistant Professor - Biology Department
Phone: 435-797-3721
Office Location: BNR 327
Karen Kapheim

Karen Kapheim

Assistant Professor - Biology Department
social evolution, bees, evolutionary genomics, phenotypic plasticity
Phone: 435-797-0685
Office Location: BNR 319
Akila  Ram

Akila Ram

Biology PhD
Advisor - Erin Bobeck
Office Location: BNR 301