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Lori Spears

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Invasive species; Insect ecology; Integrated pest management

Professional Practice Assistant Professor - Biology Department

Prof Practice Asst Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: VSB 328
DialPhone: 435-797-0354

Educational Background

PhD, Ecology, Utah State University, 2012
Spider community composition and structure in a shrub-steppe ecosystem: the effects of prey availability and shrub architecture
BS, Anthropology, (Zoology), Weber State University, 2001

Research Interests

I conduct invasive species surveys throughout Utah. My research focuses on invasive species dynamics including the spread and host use of brown marmorated stink bug (Haylomorpha halys), factors affecting spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) abundance in the Intermountain West, and using bycatch to evaluate arthropod communities in the agricultural landscapes of Utah.

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        • Acebes-Doria, A., Agnello, A., Alston, D.G, Andrews, H., Beers, E., Bergh, C., Bessin, R., Blaauw, B., Buntin, G.D, Burkness, E., Chen, S., Cottrell, T., Daane, K., Fann, L., Fleischer, S., Guedot, C., Gut, L., Hamilton, G., Hilton, R., Hoelmer, K., Hutchison, W., Jentsch, P., Krawcyzk, G., Kuhar, T., Lee, J., Milnes, J., Nielsen, A., Patel, D., Short, B., Sial, A., Spears, L., Tatman, K., Toews, M., Walgenbach, J., Welty, C., Wiman, N., van Zoeren, J., Leskey, T., (2019). Season-long monitoring of the brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys (Stal) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae), throughout the United States using commercially available traps and lures. Journal of Economic Entomology/Entomological Society of America, doi:
        • Spears, L., Looney, C., Ikerd, H., Koch, J., Griswold, T., Strange, J., Ramirez, R., (2016). Pheromone lure and trap color affects bycatch in agricultural landscapes of Utah. Environmental Entomology, 45, 1009-1016.
        • Spears, L., Ramirez, R., (2015). Learning to love leftovers: Using bycatch to gain entomological knowledge. American Entomologist, 61:3, 168-173. doi:
        • Ramirez, R., Spears, L., (2014). Stem nematode counteracts plant resistance of aphids in alfalfa, Medicago sativa.. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 40, 1099-1109.
        • Spears, L., MacMahon, J., (2012). An experimental study of spiders in a shrub-steppe ecosystem: the effects of prey availability and shrub architecture. Journal of Arachnology, 40, 218-227.

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          • Burrows, S., Christman, M., Spears, L., Smith-Pardo, A., Price, S., Ramirez, R., Griswold, T., Redford, A., (2018). Exotic Bee ID.

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              Exotic Bee ID , 2016 - Ongoing
              First Detector Training, 2016 - Ongoing
              Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey, 2013 - Ongoing
              Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab (UPPDL), 2013 - Ongoing

              Graduate Students Mentored