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Claudia Nischwitz

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Plant pathology

Associate Professor - Biology Department

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: LSB 330
DialPhone: 435-797-7569

Educational Background

PhD, Natural Resources, University of Idaho, 2005
MS, Plant Pathology, The University of Arizona, 2001
Factors influencing charcoal rot (Macrophomina phaseolina) on melon in Arizona
Other, Horticulture, Fachhochschule Osnabrueck, 1998
Resistance of China aster (Callistephus chinensis) cultivar to fusarium wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. callistephi)


Positions held: 2010 - Assistant professor and Extension plant pathologist 2008 - 2010 Post-Doc, University of Arizona 2005-2008 Post-Doc, University of Georgia Education: 2001 – 2005 Ph.D. University of Idaho Major: Natural Resources 1999 – 2001 M.S. The University of Arizona Major: Plant pathology 1993 – 1998 Diplom-Agraringenieur (FH) Fachhochschule Osnabrueck, Germany, Major: Horticulture

Research Interests

My research and extension interests are focused on biological, cultural and chemical control of plant pathogens, disease management, biology, etiology and epidemiology of fungal plant pathogens, bacteria, nematodes and viruses. I am also interested in the development of diagnostic tools and conducting phylogenetic analyses to determine geographic origin of new pathogens.


Utah State University Extension Outstanding New Extension Specialist Award, 2015

USU Extension

APS Pacific Division Early Career Award, 2014

American Phytopathological Society Pacific Division

UGA – Tifton Campus Gary A. Herzog Award of Excellence for Junior Scientist - Research, 2008

Publications - Abstracts

  • Nischwitz, C., Dhiman, C., Survey of Erwinia amylovora, causal agent of fire blight, from apple and. Phytopathology
  • Nischwitz, C., Schmitt, M., Skantar, A., Bunderson, T., McClure, M.A, (2011). Root-knot nematode species in golf course greens in the Western U.S.A.. Phytopathology
  • Nischwitz, C., Olsen, M., (2011). Susceptibility of mesquite species to powdery mildew in Arizona. Phytopathology

Publications - Books & Book Chapters

    Book Chapters

  • Steinitz, T., Wagner, K.M, Drost, D.T, Alston, D.G, Hunter, B., Nischwitz, C., Ramirez, R., Allen, L., Barnhill, J.V, Frame, D., Pace, M., Durward, C., Reeve, J., Jewkes, M., Heflebower, R.F, (2014). A Guide to Common Organic Gardening Questions. USU Extension *
  • Beddes, T., Drost, D.T, Alston, D.G, Nischwitz, C., Bunn, B., (2014). Sweet Corn Production: Utah Vegetable Production and Pest Management Guide. Utah State University

* Has not been peer reviewed

Publications - Fact Sheets

  • Nischwitz, C., Dhiman, C., Streptomycin resistance of Erwinia amylovora, causal. USU Extension *
  • Caron, M., Davis, R., Hansen, S., Beddes, T., , Alston, D.G, Nischwitz, C., (2018). Redberry Mite on Blackberry. Utah State University Fact Sheet *
  • Nischwitz, C., Holmgren, L.N, (2016). Barley yellow dwarf virus. Utah State University Extension *
  • Nischwitz, C., Olsen, S.H, Patterson, R., (2015). Zebra chip disease of potato. USU Extension *
  • Nischwitz, C., (2015). Candidatus Liberibacter of pepper . *
  • Nischwitz, C., Kopp, K., Gunnell, J., (2013). Necrotic Ring Spot and Summer Patch of Turfgrass.
  • Nischwitz, C., Dhiman, C., Drost, D.T, (2013). Botrytis Neck Rot of Onion. USU Cooperative Extension
  • Nischwitz, C., Dhiman, C., (2012). Pink root disease of onion. USU Extension *
  • Baker, F.A, Alston, D.G, Nischwitz, C., (2012). Important Pests of Ornamental Aspen. Utah State University Cooperative Extension *
  • Nischwitz, C., Black, B.L, Pace, M., (2011). Peach leaf curl disease. USU Extension *
  • Nischwitz, C., Murray, M., (2011). Thousand Cankers Disease of Walnut (Geosmithia morbida). USU Extension
  • Nischwitz, C., (2011). Fuego bacteriano del manzano y el peral (Erwinia amylovora). USU extension *

* Has not been peer reviewed

Publications - Curriculum

    * Has not been peer reviewed

    Publications - Journal Articles

      Academic Journal

    • Buckland, K., Alston, D.G, Reeve, J., Nischwitz, C., Drost, D.T, (2017). Trap Crops in Onion to Reduce Onion Thrips and Iris Yellow Spot Virus. Southwestern Entomologist, 42:1, 73-90. doi:
    • Scott, J., Nischwitz, C., Ramirez, R., Gordillo, L.G, (2017). Managing the spread of alfalfa stem nematode:the relationship between crop rotation periods and pest re-emergence. Natural Resource Modeling
    • Kawasaki, Y., Nischwitz, C., Grilley, M.M, Jones, J., Takemoto, J.Y, (2016). Production and application of syringomycin E as an organic fungicide seed protectant against pythium damping-off. Journal of Phytopathology, 164:10, 801–810.
    • Nischwitz, C., Skantar, A., Handoo, Z., Hult, M., Schmitt, M., McClure, M., (2013). Occurrence of <i>Meloidogyne fallax</i> in North America, and molecular characterization of M. fallax and M. minor from U.S. golf course greens. Plant Disease, 97, 1424-1430.
    • Nischwitz, C., (2013). Redescription of Robustodorus megadorus with Molecular. Journal of nematology, 45, 237-252.
    • Nischwitz, C., Dhiman, C., (2013). Streptomycin resistance of Erwinia amylovora isolated from apple (Malus domesticus) in Utah . Plant Health Progress
    • Nischwitz, C., Srinivasan, B., Sundaraj, S., Mullis, S., McInnes, B., Gitaitis, R., (2012). Geographical Distribution and Survival of Iris yellow spot virus in Spiny Sowthistle, Sonchus asper, in Georgia. Plant Disease, 96:8, 1165-1171.
    • McClure, M.A, Nischwitz, C., Skantar, A., Subbotin, S.A, Schmitt, M.E, (2012). Root-knot Nematodes in Golf Course Greens of the Western United States. Plant Disease, 96, 635-647.
    • Gitaitis, R., Mullis, S., Lewis, K., Langston, D., Watson, A., Sanders, H., Torrance, R., Jones, J., Nischwitz, C., (2012). First Report Of A New Disease Of Onion In Georgia Caused. Plant Disease, 96, 285.
    • Nischwitz, C., Srinivasan, R., Sundaraj, S., Mullis, S., McInnes, B., Gitaitis, R., Geographical distribution and survival of Iris yellow spot virus in spiny sowthistle, Sonchus asper (L.) Hill in Georgia, USA . Plant Disease
    • Seyran, M., Nischwitz, C., Lewis, K.J, Gitaitis, R.D, Brenneman, T.B, Stevenson, K.L, (2009). Phylogeny of the pecan scab fungus Fusicladium effusum G. Winter based on the cytochrome b gene sequence. Mycological Progress

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        Other Media

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          Scheduled Teaching

          BIOL 1060 - Biology Professions, Fall 2020

          PSC 4320 - Forage Production and Pasture Management, Fall 2020


          Extension Turfgrass Education, 2001 - 2035
          Plant Disease Management, 2010 - 2021
          Civil rights, 2010 - 2015
          Master Gardener, 2011 - 2014

          Graduate Students Mentored

          Jacqueline Lauritzen, Biology, August 2015