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Bonnie Waring

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Biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, plant ecology, soil microbial ecology

Assistant Professor - Biology Department | Ecology Center

Assistant Professor

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Office Location: LSB 335
DialPhone: 435 797-6360

Educational Background

PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 2013
Ecological Mechanisms Underlying Microbial Community Responses to Climate Change
BA, Biology, University of Pennsylvania, 2008

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            Academic Journal

          • Wooliver, R., Pellegrini, A., Waring, B., Houlton, B., Averill, C., Schimel, J., Hedin, L., Bailey, J., Schweitzer, J., (2019). Changing perspectives on terrestrial nitrogen cycling: The importance of weathering and evolved resource‐use traits for understanding ecosystem responses to global change. Functional Ecology, doi:
          • Medvigy, D., Wang, G., Q.Z, Riley, W.J, Trierweiler, A., Waring, B., Xu, X., Powers, J.S, (2019). Observed variation in soil properties can drive large variation in modeled forest functioning and composition during tropical forest secondary succession. New Phytologist, doi: 10.1111/nph.15848
          • Waring, B., Perez-Avilez, D., Murray, J.G, Powers, J.S, (2019). Plant community responses to stand-level nutrient fertilization in a secondary tropical dry forest. Ecology, doi: 10.1002/ecy.2691
          • Smith, K.R, Waring, B., (2018). Broad-Scale Patterns of Soil Carbon (C) Pools and Fluxes Across Semiarid Ecosystems are Linked to Climate and Soil Texture. Ecosystems, doi:
          • Waring, B., Hawkes, C.V, (2018). Ecological mechanisms underlying soil bacterial responses to rainfall along a steep natural precipitation gradient. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 94:2, doi: 10.1093/femsec/fiy001
          • Averill, C., Waring, B., (2018). Nitrogen limitation of decomposition and decay: How can it occur?. Global Change Biology, 24:4, 1417-1427. doi: 10.1111/gcb.13980
          • Smith, C., Gei, M., Bergstrom, E., Becklund, K., Becknell, J., Waring, B., Werden, L., Powers, J., (2017). Effects of soil type and light on height growth, biomass partitioning, and nitrogen dynamics on 22 species of tropical dry forest tree seedlings. American Journal of Botany, 104:3, 399-410.
          • Waring, B., Powers, J.S, (2017). Overlooking what is underground: Root: shoot ratios and coarse root allometric equations for tropical forests. Forest Ecology and Management, 385, 10–15.
          • Allen, K., Dupuy, J., Gei, M., Hulshof, C., Medvigy, D., Pizano, C., Salgado-Negret, B., Smith, C., Trierweiler, A., Van Bloem, S., Waring, B., Xu, X., Powers, J., (2017). Will seasonally dry tropical forests be sensitive or resistant to future changes in rainfall regimes?. Environmental Research Letters, 12:2, 023001.
          • Hawkes, C., Waring, B., Rocca, J., Kivlin, S., (2017). Historical climate controls soil respiration responses to current soil moisture. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1620811114
          • Schilling, E.M, Waring, B., Schilling, J.S, Powers, J.S, (2016). Forest composition modifies litter dynamics and decomposition in regenerating tropical dry forest. Oecologia
          • Averill, C., Waring, B., Hawkes, C.V, (2016). Historical precipitation predictably alters the shape and magnitude of microbial functional response to soil moisture. Global change biology
          • Livingston, G., Waring, B., Pacheco, L.F, Buchori, D., Jiang, Y., Gilbert, L., Jha, S., (2016). Perspectives on the Global disparity in ecological science. BioScience, 66:2, 147–155.
          • Waring, B., Gei, M.G, Rosenthal, L., Powers, J.S, (2016). Plant–microbe interactions along a gradient of soil fertility in tropical dry forest. Journal of Tropical Ecology, 32:04, 314–323.
          • Sinsabaugh, R.L, Turner, B.L, Talbot, J.M, Waring, B., Powers, J.S, Kuske, C.R, Moorhead, D.L, Follstad Shah, J.J, (2016). Stoichiometry of microbial carbon use efficiency in soils. Ecological Monographs, 86:2, 172–189.
          • Waring, B., Powers, J.S, (2016). Unraveling the mechanisms underlying pulse dynamics of soil respiration in tropical dry forests. Environmental Research Letters, 11:10, 105005.
          • Waring, B., Becknell, J.M, Powers, J.S, (2015). Nitrogen, phosphorus, and cation use efficiency in stands of regenerating tropical dry forest. Oecologia, 178:3, 887–897.
          • Powers, J.S, Becklund, K.K, Gei, M.G, Iyengar, S.B, Meyer, R., O’Connell, C.S, Schilling, E.M, Smith, C.M, Waring, B., Werden, L.K, (2015). Nutrient addition effects on tropical dry forests: a mini-review from microbial to ecosystem scales. Frontiers in Earth Science, 3, 34.
          • Waring, B., Álvarez-Cansino, L., Barry, K.E, Becklund, K.K, Dale, S., Gei, M.G, Keller, A.B, Lopez, O.R, Markesteijn, L., Mangan, S., others, , (2015). Pervasive and strong effects of plants on soil chemistry: a meta-analysis of individual plant ‘Zinke’effects: Proc. R. Soc. B. , 282:1812, 20151001.
          • Waring, B., Adams, R., Branco, S., Powers, J.S, (2015). Scale-dependent variation in nitrogen cycling and soil fungal communities along gradients of forest composition and age in regenerating tropical dry forests. New Phytologist
          • Waring, B., Hawkes, C.V, (2015). Short-term precipitation exclusion alters microbial responses to soil moisture in a wet tropical forest. Microbial ecology, 69:4, 843–854.
          • Waring, B., Weintraub, S.R, Sinsabaugh, R.L, (2014). Ecoenzymatic stoichiometry of microbial nutrient acquisition in tropical soils. Biogeochemistry, 117:1, 101–113.
          • Waring, B., Averill, C., Hawkes, C.V, (2013). Differences in fungal and bacterial physiology alter soil carbon and nitrogen cycling: insights from meta-analysis and theoretical models. Ecology letters, 16:7, 887–894.
          • Waring, B., (2013). Exploring relationships between enzyme activities and leaf litter decomposition in a wet tropical forest. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 64, 89–95.
          • Waring, B., (2012). A meta-analysis of climatic and chemical controls on leaf litter decay rates in tropical forests. Ecosystems, 15:6, 999–1009.
          • Waring, B., (2008). Light exposure affects secondary compound diversity in lichen communities in Monteverde, Costa Rica. PennScience Journal, 6:2, 11–13.

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                    Scheduled Teaching

                    BIOL 6750 - Topics in Biology, Spring 2019

                    BIOL 1010 - Biology and the Citizen, Fall 2018

                    BIOL 6750 - Topics in Biology, Spring 2018

                    BIOL 1010 - Biology and the Citizen, Fall 2017

                    BIOL 1010 - Biology and the Citizen, Fall 2016

                    Graduate Students Mentored

                    Samuel Willard, Biology, August 2019
                    Savannah Adkins, Biology, August 2019
                    Guopeng Liang, Biology, January 2019
                    Karen Foley, Biology, August 2018
                    Jessica Murray, Biology, August 2017