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Grad Student Spotlight - Jessica Murray

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BURS - Spring 2021


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Undergrad research position - Mount - Toads

Loss of Vocal Sacs in Toads and Frogs


Contact Dr. Genevieve Mount to become part of a research project studying the loss of vocal sacs in toads and frogs.

Virtual Cloud Forest Tour

Virtual Cloud Forest Tour


Join the BIOL 4750 Tropical Ecology & Sustainability course for a live, curated tour of the cloud forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica that includes high quality footage from the forest and live narration and Q&A with a naturalist guide.

USU Mesas Indigenous Knowledge Symposium

Indigenous Knowledge Symposium


Join us for the inaugural Indigenous Knowledge Symposium sponsored by MESAS with funding support from HHMI - Sovereignty, Identity, & Indigenous Knowledge in Higher Education

Silkworm silk to culture muscle cells

USU Researchers Use Transgenic Silkworm Silk to Model Muscle Tissue


Researchers from the Biological Engineering and Biology Departments developed a new method of growing skeletal muscle cells: not on a plastic surface but on the three-dimensional silkworm silk fibers.

Leila Schultz

Leila Schultz Receives Utah Native Plant Society Lifetime Achievement Award


Leila Schultz's accomplishments include serving as Curator of the USU Intermountain Herbarium for 20 years, discovery of 20 plant species, and over 11,000 collections in herbaria. Leila is the 2021 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Utah...


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