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Grad Student Spotlight - Mal Hagadorn

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Student Research Symposium Fall 2020


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Hatch Tiny Earth Story

USU Eastern students get a real-world research alternative with the Tiny Earth program


For students tired of mundane biology labs, Utah State University Eastern offers a real-world research alternative to freshman and sophomore students. Thanks to Dr. Wayne Hatch, associate professor of biology, first- and second-year students can participa...

A female Aedes aegypti mosquito gets a blood meal from a human host

Dr. Norah Saarman uses Machine-Learning Approach to Track Disease-Carrying Mosquitos


USU Biologist Norah Saarman is part of a team studying landscape connectivity in the Aedes aegypti mosquito species, a primary vector for the spread of dengue, chikungunya and Zika

Dr. Thayne Sweeten - Science Unwrapped

USU neurobiologist Thayne Sweeten presents 'Vaccine Fears' in Science Unwrapped


At the time of its discovery in 1798, the smallpox vaccine was met with both celebration and worry - much like the COVID-19 vaccine today. “Although vaccines have played a major role in eradicating serious disease over the centuries, concerns and fears su...

Dr. Sara Freeman Featured on The Academic Minute

Dr. Sara Freeman Featured on The Academic Minute


In a 2-part series on oxytocin Dr. Sara Freeman discusses parts of the brain that affect human social behavior on Jan 21 and then whether oxytocin may help those with autism spectrum disorder on Jan 22.


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undergrad research

Student Research Symposium Fall 2020