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Scholarships Applications Are Now Being Accepted

CalendarFebruary 03, 2017


The Department of Biology is now accepting scholarship applications for 2017-18. Please click here to to to the applications and submission instructions....

Pitching in:USU Biologists Study Evolution of Labor Division in Bees

CalendarJanuary 27, 2017


Dr. Karen Kapheim and undergrad research, Mckenna Johnson study a solitary bee, the alkali bee, to learn about the development of division of lab in other species of social bees. Read the full article...

'Ant-like' Bees

CalendarJanuary 12, 2017


'Ant-like' Bees Among New Desert Species Tabbed by USU Entomologist, Zach Portman. Read full article by Mary-Ann Muffoletto in UTAH STATE TODAY....

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