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Seminar Schedule

Biology Seminars will be in HPER 116 on a Tuesday at 3:30 pm unless otherwise noted. Refreshments will be served at 3 pm.

Fall 2018

September 11– Dr. Roger Koide, Brigham Young University
“Root and Mycorrhizal Fungal complementarity in Plant Nutrient Acquisition” 
Hosted by: Meg Licht

September 25– Dr. Susan Whitehead, Virginia Tech
“Attracting Bats But Not Bugs: Chemical Trade-offs in Seed Dispersal”
Hosted by: Dr. Noelle Beckman

October 2 – Dr. Timothy Greives, North Dakota State University
"Keeping Time in an Ever Changing Environment"
Hosted by: Dr. Susannah French

October 16– Dr. Bonnie Waring, Utah State University
“Investigation the Belowground Fate of Plant-Derived Carbon

October 30 – Dr. Susan Ingram, Oregon Health & Science University
"Cannabis and Pain: Is Cannabis the Answer to the Opioid Epidemic"
Hosted by: Dr. Erin Bobeck

November 6– Dr. Sandra Rehan, University of New Hampshire
“Behavioral Genetics and Social Evolution in the Small Carpenter Bees” 
Hosted by: Dr. Michael Branstetter

November 13 – Dr. Zach Gompert, Utah State Unversity

November 27 - Dr. Ryan Taylor, Salisbury University
Hosted by: Mallory Hagadorn

Spring 2019

Feburary 12 – Dr. Zakee Sabree, Ohio State University
Hosted by: Dr. Noelle Beckman

February 26 – Dr. Irene Terry, University of Utah
"Australian Thrips Ecology and Cycad Pollination"
Hosted by: Dr. Diane Alston

March 5 – Dr. James Rosindell 
Hosted by: Dr. James Pitts

March 19 – Dr. Mike Shapiro, University of Utah
Hosted by: Samridhi Chaturvedi & Amy Springer

 April 2 – Dr. Amy Zanne, George Washing University
Hosted by: Dr. Will Pearse