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Noelle Beckman

Noelle Beckman

Theoretical Ecology, Spatial Ecology, Community Ecology, Seed Dispersal, Plant-Animal Interactions, Plant-Microbe Interactions

Assistant Professor - Biology Department | Ecology Center

Contact Information

Phone: 435 797-

Educational Background:

Dr. Beckman ( earned her Ph.D. in  Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and B.S. in Biology at Washington and Lee University.  She was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute and the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center.


• Theoretical, spatial, & empirical ecology of plants, particularly tropical trees • Plant-animal/plant-microbe interactions, functional trait variation, and life history strategies • Integrating  empirical and quantitative approaches to investigate multi-scale processes • Seed dispersal ecology under global change Prospective Students: Read more here ( if you are interested in joining the lab.


Mitigating the impacts of global change on ecosystems requires a mechanistic understanding of the processes underlying patterns of biodiversity.  The Beckman Lab investigates interactions between plants and their environment occurring over multiple scales and examines the role of these interactions in limiting plant populations and maintaining biodiversity. Many of these interactions are disrupted by global change, and we examine the consequences of these disruptions for plant communities and ecosystem functions. We use a combination of theoretical, empirical, and quantitative approaches to address our research questions. Read more at