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Kimberly Sullivan

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Associate Professor - Biology Department

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: BNR 313
DialPhone: 435-797-3713

Educational Background

PhD, Psychobiology, Rutgers University-Newark, 1984
Advantages and disadvantages of social foraging in Downy Woodpeckers
BA, Biology and Biological Basis of Behavior- double major, (minors in Psychology, Chemistry, Math), University of Pennsylvania, 1979
Biology- Time Budgeting in Downy Woodpeckers/ Biological Basis of Behavior Time Allocation in rats in a semi natural environment


Kim Sullivan has Ph.D. in Psychology from Rutgers University-Newark. She has conducted research on the behavior, physiology and ecology of a number of bird species.

Teaching Interests

animal behavior, ornithology, women in science

Research Interests

behavioral and population ecology of birds, avian conservation, women in science, ornithology


Teacher of the Year nominee, 2016

Biology Department

Scientific Teaching Fellow, 2016

Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching

Elizabeth Gray Student Paper Award For Excellence in Ornithology, 2013

North American Ornithological Congress V

Top 10 viewed articles in The Condor in 2010, 2011


Honorary Member, 2007

Cooper Ornithological Society

Fellow, 2001

American Ornithologists Union

Quest Award for outstanding young animal behaviorist, 1991

Animal Behavior Society

Elective Member of the American Ornithologists Union, 1990

American Ornithologists Union

Dean's Award for outstanding doctoral dissertation, 1984

Rutgers University

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            Academic Journal

          • Wingfield, J., Sullivan, K.A, Jaxion-Harm, J., Simone, M., The presence of water influences reproductive function in the song sparrow (Melospiza melodia morphna). General and Comparative Endocrinology, 178, 485-493.
          • Bakian, A., Sullivan, K.A, Paxton, E., (2012). Elucidating spatially explicit behavioral landscapes in the Willow Flycatcher. Ecological Modelling, 232, 149-132.
          • Lorenz, T., Bakian, A., Sullivan, K.A, Aubry, C., (2011). Cache Site Selection in Clark's Nutcracker (Nucifraga columbiana). Auk, 128, 237-247.
          • Lorenz, T., Sullivan, K.A, (2010). A comparison of survey methods for monitoring Clark’s Nutcracker and predicting seed dispersal whitebark pine. Journal of Field Ornothology, 81, 430-441.
          • Roper, J.J, Sullivan, K.A, Ricklefs, R., (2010). Avoid nest predation when predation rates are low, and other lessons: testing the temperate-tropical nest predation paradigm. Oikos, 119, 719-729.
          • Bakian, A.V, Sullivan, K.A, (2010). The effectiveness of institutional intervention on minimizing demographic inertia and improving the representation of women faculty in higher education. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology, 2:2, 207-234.
          • Lorenz, T., Sullivan, K.A, (2009). Seasonal differences in space use by Clark’s Nutcrackers in the Cascade Range. Condor . Condor, 111, 320-340.
          • Callister, R.C, Minnotte, K., Sullivan, K.A, (2009). Understanding gender differences in job satisfaction among science and engineering faculty. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 15, 223-243.
          • Hult, C., Callister, R., Sullivan, K.A, (2005). Is there a global warming toward women in academia?. Liberal Education, 91, 50-57.

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                    Scheduled Teaching

                    Graduate Students Mentored

                    Dylan Hopkins, Biology, August 2016
                    Samual Cowell, Biology, August 2015
                    Monika Maier, Biology, August 2009 - August 2012
                    Bridget Olson, Biology, January 2008 - December 2011
                    Amanda Bakien, Biology, August 2002 - April 2011
                    Teresa Lorenz, Biology, August 2005 - December 2009
                    Lindsey Brown, Biology, January 2005 - December 2007