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Bradley Kropp

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Agricultural Experiment Station

Associate Professor - Biology Department

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: BNR 341
DialPhone: 435-797-3738

Educational Background

BS, Forest Science, Utah State University
PhD, Botany & Plant Pathology, Oregon State University
  • Kropp, B.R, (2011). Endophytes from pines and dwarf mistletoe: are they shared by their hosts? . Inoculum
  • Baroni, T.J, Kropp, B.R, Vera, E., (2011). Smithiomyces crocodilinus sp. nov. prov. an unusual agaric from semi-arid regions in the Rocky Mountains. . Inoculum *
  • Kropp, B.R, Elizabeth, T., (2010). Role of abiotic stress in the infection of Dyers Woad by a rust fungus and implications for biocontrol.. Inoculum *
  • Kropp, B.R, Steven, A., (2010). Some ectomycorrhizal fungi from the Samoan Islands with molecular evidence for a South Temperate origin of one taxon.. Inoculum *
  • Kropp, B.R, Albee-Scott, S., Baroni, T., Ortiz, B., (2009). Molecular evidence for a new putatively ectomycorrhizal bolete,Boletus coccolobicola, from Belize.. Inoculum *
  • Thomas, E., Kropp, B.R, (2009). Suppression of salicylic acid-mediated plant defense responses during establishment of biotrophy by the rust pathogen of dyer's woad.. Inoculum *
  • Thomas, E., Kropp, B.R, (2008). Expression analysis of ItCYP79B2 during the rust infection of dyer�s woad by Puccinia thlaspeos.. Inoculum *
  • Kropp, B.R, Matheny, P.B, Nanagyulyan, S., (2008). Preliminary phylogenetic analysis of the Inocybe splendens complex.. Inoculum *
  • Kropp, B.R, Matheny, P.B, (2007). A preliminary phylogeny of the Inocybe geophylla complex from Europe and North America.. Inoculum *
  • Elizabeth, T., Kropp, B.R, (2007). Induction kinetics of defense-related genes in rust-infected Dyer’s Woad. . Proc. North American Cereal Rust Workshop *
  • Kropp, B.R, Trappe, J.M, (2005). Phylogenetics of Gigasperma based on partial nuclear large subunit rDNA sequences. Inoculum *
  • Matheny, P.B, Aime, C., Ammirati, J.F, Aoki, T., Baroni, T., Binder, M., Crane, P., Curtis, J., Denitis, M., Dentinger, B.C, Froslev, T., Halling, R., Kropp, B.R, Langer, G.E, Nilsson, R.H, Petersen, R., Seidl, M.T, Vauras, J., Wilson, A., Yang, Z., Hibbett, D.S, (2005). Progress towards assembling the fungal tree of life for the Basidiomycota. Inoculum *
  • Kropp, B.R, (2000). Inoculation and subsequent dispersal of dyer's woad rust in field populations. Phytopathology *

Publications - Books & Book Chapters


  • Kropp, B.R, (2004). Breeding ectomycorrhizal basidiomycetes: some protocols and strategies.. In. Basic research and applications of mycorrhizae. Podila and Varma, eds *
  • Kropp, B.R, (2004). Genets of ectomycorrhizal basidiomycota.. In Basic research and applications of mycorrhizae. Podila and Varma eds. pp. 17 *
  • Book Chapters

  • Kropp, B.R, (2009). Ectomycorrhizas in the neotropics with emphasis on lowland forests.. Advances in Mycorrhizal Science and Technology.
  • Kropp, B.R, (1999). Laccaria. In: Ectomycorrhizal Fungi: Key Genera in profile. J.W.G. Cairney and S.M. Chambe
  • Kropp, B.R, (1994). Genetic variability in mycorrhiza formation and function. In: Mycorrhizae and Plant Health. pp. 309-336. Pfleger and Linderman eds. APS Press

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    Publications - Curriculum

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      Publications - Journal Articles

        Academic Journal

      • Kropp, B.R, (2017). Cookeina cremeirosea, a new species of cup fungus from the South Pacific.. Mycoscience, 58, 40-44.
      • Kropp, B.R, (2015). A Samoan Hebeloma with phylogenetic ties to the Western Pacific. Mycologia, 107, 149-156.
      • Kropp, B.R, Baroni, T.J, Wilhelm, M., Evenson, V., (2014). Cercopemyces crocodilinus, a new genus and species related to Ripartilella is decribed from North America.. Mycologia, 106, 785-796.
      • Kropp, B.R, Matheny, P.B, Hutchison, L.J, (2013). Inocybe section Rimosae in Utah: phylogenetic affinities and new species.. Mycologia, 105, 728-747. doi: 10.3852/12-185
      • Kropp, B.R, Hutchison, L.J, Hausner, G., (2012). Baeospora occidentalis, a new snowbank agaric from western North America. . Mycoscience, 53, 139-143.
      • Kropp, B.R, Albee-Scott, S., Castellano, M., Trappe, J.M, (2012). Cryptolepiota, a new sequestrate genus in the Agaricaceae with evidence for adaptive radiation in western North America.. Mycologia, 104, 164-174.
      • Kropp, B.R, Albee-Scott, S., (2012). Moniliophthora aurantiaca sp nov a Polynesian species occurring in littoral forests.. Mycotaxon, 120, 493-503.
      • Elizabeth, T., Kropp, B.R, (2011). Suppression of salycylic acid-mediated plant defense responses during initial infection of Dyers Woad by Puccinia thlaspeos.. Am. J. Agric. Bio.l Sci., 6, 307-316.
      • Albee-Scott, S., Kropp, B.R, (2010). A phylogenetic study of Trechispora thelephora.. Mycotaxon, 114, 395-399.
      • Thomas, E., Kropp, B.R, (2010). Some Effects of Abiotic Stress on Infection of Dyer's Woad (Isatis tinctoria L.) by Puccinia thlaspeos C. Schub.: Implications for Biological Control.. Am. J. Agric. Biol Sci., 6, 45-51.
      • Kropp, B.R, Steven, A., (2010). Inocybe tauensis, a new species from the samoan archipelago with biogeographic evidence for a Paleotropical origin.. Fungal Biology, 114, 790-796.
      • Kropp, B.R, Matheny, P.B, Nanagyulyan, S.G, (2010). Phylogenetic taxonomy of the Inocybe splendens group and evolution of supersection �Marginatae�.. Mycologia, 102, 560-573.
      • Thomas, E., Kropp, B.R, (2009). Isolation and expression analysis of ItCYP79B2 during rust infection of dyer�s woad (Isatis tinctoria) by Puccinia thlaspeos. Can. J. Plant Pathology, 31, 103-107.
      • Matheny, P.B, Aime, M.C, Bougher, N.L, Buyck, B., Desjardin, D.E, Horak, E., Kropp, B.R, Lodge, D.J, Soytong, K., Trappe, J.M, Hibbett, D.S, , (2009). Out of the Palaeotropics? Historical biogeography and diversification of the cosmopolitan ectomycorrhizal mushroom family Inocybaceae.. J. Biogeogr., 36, 577-592.
      • Kropp, B.R, (2008). Dermoloma inconspicuum from Belize with molecular evidence for its placement in the Agaricaceae.. Mycotaxon, 104, 235-240.
      • Hofstetter, C., Aime, M.C, Moncalvo, J.M, Ge, Z.W, Slot, J.C, Ammirati, J.F, Baroni, T.J, Bougher, N.L, Hughes, K.W, Lodge, D.J, Kerrigan, R.W, Seidl, M.T, Aanen, D., Denitis, M., Daniele, G., Desjardin, D., Kropp, B.R, Norvell, L., A., Vellinga, E.C, Vilgalys, R., Hibbett, D.H, (2006). Major clades of Agaricales: a multilocus phylogenetic overview.. Mycologia, 98, 984-997.
      • Kropp, B.R, Darrow, H.H, (2006). The effect of surfactants and some herbicides on teliospore variability in Puccinia thlaspeos (Schub.). Crop Protection, Volume 25, 369-374.
      • Kropp, B.R, Hutchison, L.J, (2005). Erysiphe convolvuli var. convolvuli. Fungi Canadensis. Can. J. Plant Pathol, 27, 78-79.
      • Kropp, B.R, Matheny, P.B, (2004). Basidiospore homoplasy and variation in the Inocybe chelanensis group in North America. Mycologia 96: 295-309.
      • Kropp, B.R, (2002). Establishment and dispersal of woad rust in field populations of dyer's woad. Plant Disease 86:241-246
      • Kropp, B.R, (2001). A revision of the Inocybe lanuginosa group and allied species in North America. Sydowia, 53, 93-139.
      • Kropp, B.R, (2001). Familiar faces in unfamiliar places: mycorrhizal fungi associated with Caribbean pine. Mycologist, 15, 137-140.
      • Kropp, B.R, (2001). The influence of solar UV-radiation on peatland microbial communities of southern Argentina. New Phytol., 152, 213-221.
      • Kropp, B.R, (1999). Initial Events in the Colonization of Dyer's Woad by Puccinia thlaspeos. Can. J. Bot., 77, 843-849.
      • Kropp, B.R, (1997). Inheritance of the ability of ectomycorrhizal colonization of Pinus strobus by Laccaria bicolor. Mycologia 89:578-585
      • Kropp, B.R, (1997). Polymorphisms in the large intergenic spacer of the nuclear ribosomal repeat identify laccaria proxima strains. Mycologia 88:970-976
      • Kropp, B.R, (1997). Seedborne Fungal Contamination: Consequences in Space-Grown Wheat. Phytopathology 87:1125-1133
      • Kropp, B.R, (1996). Athelia arachnoidea, the sexual state of Rhizoctonia carotae a pathogen of carrot in cold storage. Mycologia 88:459-472
      • Kropp, B.R, (1996). Gigasperma americanum, a new hypogeous member of the basidiomycota associated with Cercocarpus ledifolius in Utah. Mycologia 88: 662-665
      • Kropp, B.R, (1996). Increased emergence of spring wheat by Pseudomonas chlororaphis isolate 2E3 under field and laboratory conditions. Soil Biol. Fen.: 23:200-206
      • Kropp, B.R, (1996). The effects of silvicultural treatments on mycorrhizal mushrooms in a Pinus contorta forest: A preliminary characterization. Biol. Conserv. 78:313-318
      • Kropp, B.R, (1995). Early detection of systemic rust infections of dyers woad (Isatis tinctoria L.) using the polymerase chain reaction. Weed Sci. 43:467-472
      • Kropp, B.R, (1995). Mechanisms for the development of genetically variable mycorrhizal mycelia in the ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria bicolor. Appl. Env. Microbiol. 61:3609-3616
      • Kropp, B.R, (1995). Population structure and mycelial phenotypic variability of the ectomycorrhizal basidiomycete Laccaria bicolor (Maire) Orton. Mycorrhiza 5:371-379
      • Kropp, B.R, (1995). Vegetative interactions among mycelia of Laccaria bicolor in pure culture and in symbiosis with Pinus banksiana. Can. J. Bot. 73:1768-1779
      • Kropp, B.R, (1994). Genetics of ectomycorrhizal symbiosis. I. Host plant variability and heritability of ecomycorrhizal and root traits. New Phytol. 126: 105-110
      • Kropp, B.R, (1994). Genetics of ectomycorrhizal symbiosis. II. Fungal variability and heritability of ecomycorrhizal traits. New Phytol. 126:111-117
      • Kropp, B.R, (1994). Spatial distribution and temporal persistance of discrete genotypes of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria bicolor (Maire) Orton. New Phytol. 127:547-556
      • Professional Journal

      • Kropp, B.R, (2016). Russulaceae in American Samoa: new species and further support for an Australasian origin for Samoan ectomycorrhizal fungi.. Mycologia, 108, 405-413.
      • Shrethsa, S., Kropp, B.R, (2009). Use of Calvatia gigantea to treat pack animals in Nepal.. Fungi, 2, 59-60.
      • Kropp, B.R, H.D, (1997). A study on the phylogeny of the dyer's woad rust fungus and other species of Puccinia from Crucifers.. Phytopathology, 87, 565-571.

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            Publications - Translations & Transcripts

              Publications - Other


              • Kropp, B.R, (2001). Mycorrhizal fungi associated with Pinus caribaea.. Las Cuevas Newsletter, Issue 8. *
              • Other

              • Kropp, B.R, (2004). Production of Puccinia thlaspeos woad strain inoculum using traditional farming equipment.. Phytopathology 94: S155. *
              • Kropp, B.R, (2001). Using GPS/GIS technology to study a Puccinia sp. as a biological control of dyer's woad (Isatis tinctoria). Phytopath. *
              • Kropp, B.R, (2000). Preparation of rust inoculum for biological control of dyer's woad (Isatis tinctoria). Phytopathology *
              • Kropp, B.R, (1998). Phytotoxicity of Pseudomonas chlororaphis strain 06: role of phenazines and implications for biocontrol. M.S. Thesis, USU *

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              Scheduled Teaching

              BIOL 6750 - Topics in Biology Mycology, Fall 2016


              Phylogeographical and systematic investigation ectomycorrhizal fungi, - Ongoing

              Graduate Students Mentored

              Elizabeth Thomas, Biology, January 2007 - May 2008